The Main Goals That Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Seeks to Achieve

Plenty of people of all ages can feel overly stressed out and emotional. These feelings can often lead to emotional outbursts that the person would not normally experience, or do not have the skills to adapt to certain situations in life. Often, this can be the result of years of negative thinking, referred to by professionals in the field as “cognitive distortions.”

Cognitive behavioral therapy aims to find the root of these problems and help affected people find better and more appropriate ways to think and approach situations in life. If you think seeking help from cognitive behavioral therapy jamaica plain experts could be a good thing for you, then think about some of the goals that cognitive behavioral therapy seeks to help you achieve.

 Distinguish Healthy Feelings From Unhealthy Ones

One of the main goals of cognitive behavioral therapy is to help patients develop the ability to sort of “read” their emotional state, and learn to separate positive thoughts from negative thoughts. This will help patients be more “in tune” with their mental processes, and help them better manage their thoughts.

Help Patients Learn How Negative Thoughts Can Impact Daily Life

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Another main goal of cognitive behavioral therapists is to help patients figure out how the negative thoughts and cognitive distortions they have been experiencing can negatively affect them in their day to day life. After all, the way we think about things can actively influence how we see and approach them, so being able to think positively can help you forge a more positive outlook.

Contribute to Personal Growth

Cognitive behavioral therapists mostly seek to help patients grow in their lives and learn to leave their cognitive distortions behind, and come up with new ways to look at the world and their lives. If a patient’s negative outlook on aspects of their life is influencing them to think this way, then helping them shape a new outlook and alter the thought patterns that led to these negative thoughts could help them address the root cause of their issues. This type of therapy can get down to the heart of the problem and really help you shape a new attitude in life.