Tips for a Speedy Tooth Extraction Recovery

A tooth extraction is a major surgery. It is imperative that anyone scheduled for a tooth extraction richmond follow the advice provided by their dentist for aftercare to ensure a speedy, fast, and healthy recovery. Failure to follow this information can lead to many complications and increase the time that it takes to recover from the procedure.  Follow the information below after an extraction to keep aftercare simple and progressing smoothly.

·    Follow all aftercare instructions provided by the dentist. This information is in place to keep your mouth safe and healthy after an extraction. Failing to follow any of this information can lead to problems. Call your dentist at once if problems arise with the tooth extraction area.

·    Dry socket is one of the most common complications after an extraction. It’s quite painful. It occurs when a blood clot fails to form at the extraction site or if it dislodges or dissolves.  Protect the blood clot to prevent dry socket.

·    Straws are bad for the environment and bad for your tooth extraction. They may lead to a dry socket. Just don’t use them for at least one week after the extraction.

·    Maintain pressure on the gauze pad the dentist places in your mouth on the wound after the extraction.  Most dentists encourage lightly biting on the gauze.

·    It is important not to rinse your mouth for a period of 48 hours after an extraction.  You should also avoid spitting for 24 hours after an extraction.

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·    Bad news for smokers: you shouldn’t light up for 24 hours after the procedure because it increases the risk of a dry socket.

·    Take it easy after an extraction. Avoid strenuous activities which can increase bleeding. Lie around and relax for the day!

Keep the tips above in mind to ensure a full, fast recovery after a tooth extraction. You can increase your recovery progress when you handle things the right way.